A magical process of creating...

The products that you love as a result.

Peccin has been in the market for 60 years with innovation and technology, and is a benchmark in Brazil for candy, providing happiness to the lives of its consumers.

Through continual improvement in production and excellence in process development we achieved a varied mix of products that surpasses 160 SKUs including chocolates, candy, lollipops, gum, and drops.

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When dealing with quality, Peccin, concerned about customer satisfaction and excellence of its products and employees, seeks to meet three factors:

  • Peccin is synonymous with quality! We are 100% focused on the excellence of our products and client satisfaction.
  • As proof, in 2015 we received the BRC certificate – A Global Food Safety Standard.This certification shows Peccin’s level of skill when it comes to Risk Analysis and management, hygiene, food safety, and quality systems.

Projects such as GMP ( Good Manufacturing Practices ) , CQA ( Environmental Quality Control ) and FPA ( Process Quality Control ) are part of the Quality Management Peccin S.A.


Peccin is always seeking to expand its market and adapt to new market currents. The proof of this is that today we are a global company, exporting our products to the four corners of the world, always delivering lots of flavor.

We are annually present at four international tradeshows. ISM and ANGUA (Gologne, Germany), SIAL (Paris, France) and Sweet Brasil, which is held in various cities in Brazil.

People Management

The Peccin differential from other companies in the sweets industry. We have a team of competent professionals who are dedicated to delivering consumers the best candy.

And it is thinking of them that we have several Human Resource programs that show that Peccin cares about people, because our results and goals are reached not only reached by some, but all those who are part of our team.

Learn about some of these programs and their advantages for our employees.



New achievements. Future objectives. Pertinent topics. That is why the Interconnected internal newsletter exists. It is printed quarterly and provides Peccin employees with important news about Peccin and our business.


Breakfast with the CEO

In order to listen to employees, Peccin promotes a conversation with the company’s CEO, Mr. Dirceu Pezzin. During the conversation, accompanied by a delicious breakfast, various topics are discusses that seek to further develop the company.



The youth of today will be the adults of the future, and they will have the responsibility to live in a more globalized world. Therefore, they need to acquire professional experience that will prepare them for the marketplace. That is why we created the Apprentice program to prepare youth.


Internship Program

In our Intern Program, interns get an opportunity to participate in the challenges of a multinational company and to develop abilities that will be used in their professional life, providing market experience.


Overcome Program

The doors at Peccin are always open for training and inclusion of people with any type of special needs. That is why we have the Overcome Program, proving that no barrier is too high for those who have the desires to reach their goals and objectives!


Leadership School

Leading is not an easy task. It requires steadiness, competency, and resilience. We developed the Leadership School to help our leaders develop their ability to deal with daily situations.


Internal Opportunity

At Peccin we try to allow the growth of our employees through our Internal Opportunity program.


BIP – Good Ideas

We believe that Peccin is part of our employee’s life. like a second home. Here, we encourage them to think about innovative ideas that can add improvement to our processes. With the BIP – Good Ideas Program, we award the most pertinent ideas.


PSP: Profit Sharing Plan

Did Peccin reach a goal? This achievement is due to all our efforts! That is why there is a PSP: Profit Sharing Plan, that seeks to value the employees work, allowing one to receive up to 2 salaries.



The Benefit Plan gives the employee:

– Health and dental insurance;

– Transportation to the company;

– Cafeteria that follows rigorous hygiene standards;

– Awarded Presence, valuing those who dedicate themselves to the job;

– Sesi Max – the card for the industry worker.